Cantor Tactical supports clients by providing strategically focused worldwide expert risk mitigation solutions for security, defense, travel and protection

Anti-Kidnap & Hostage Survival

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This workshop is designed to teach individuals, families and key personnel the principles, protocol and methods of kidnap prevention and survival.

Tactical Edged Weapons

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The tactical edged weapons workshop is designed specifically to impart strong fundamental skills sets for employing a knife for personal defense.

Home Invasion & Defense

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An unprecedented overview of the tactics, techniques and procedures to deal with a violent confrontation at home with or without a firearm.


The Integrated Close Quarter Combat Kinetics Course is one day ‘hands-on’ course that. teaches how to confidently integrate your hand-to-hand and weapon skills in close quarter and extreme close quarter engagements. You will learn when a gun response is tactically realistic and how to deploy your weapon under duress in close quarters to engage an enemy. The course goes in-depth to teach flow dynamics, disruption principles, core combatives and weapon skills necessary to transition from unarmed to handgun and rifle and knife when circumstances dictate to affect arrest, eliminate threats, mitigate risk to the operator and civilian casualties. This is a seamless coordinated tactical system for integrated close quarter combat kinetics that covers personal readiness, body stress response, tactical readiness and environmental readiness. The course also covers last-ditch and unconventional weapon tactics for when the chips are down to increase survivability.


Active Shooters can strike anywhere anytime—at work, shopping malls, school campus, movie theaters, hospitals and any public spaces.

You are going to need a serious understanding of what you should do and can do in the event of an incident. The Active Shooter Defense Workshop teaches you how to be your own first responder and more proactively deal with the threat of an active shooter event. The training empowers you with  knowledge, strategies and tactics to help you recognize, escape and defend in the event of an active shooter situation. The training tactics move far beyond the traditional “lockdown only” approach and are focused on last resort tactics in the event of shooter or aggressive hostile intruder proximity or a shooter that breaches your space.


This workshop is about empowering you with the art of reading, influencing, predicting and engaging others like a spy. Being able to detect deception and lying is a vitally important business and life skill. This workshop will help you navigate personal and professional challenges while removing doubt from your personal and business life. You can rapidly determine deception and truths to gain a vantage point, and use your lie detector skills to dominate and control life and business. What most people don’t understand is that your ability to read, influence, predict and engage others is just as important in life and business as it is in a covert operation. This workshop teaches essential verbal and mental self-defense skills and they are just as critical as physical self-defense skills, because though you may not get physically attacked on a daily basis, you most certainly will encounter people attempting to deceive, manipulate, compete and lie to you! In this workshop we will show you the critical keys to knowing if someone is being deceptive or lying, learn how to read body language, thwart manipulators, sharpen your observation skills, gain an upper hand in a business negotiation, interview, strengthen personal and business relationships and excel in delivering extraordinary results as a leader and person in society.   


The Combat Tactical Folding Knife Workshop is a comprehensive half-day program that is designed to impart strong fundamental skill sets with a tactical folding knife when confronted with a violent or dangerous situation. This is a complete principle based system of tactical folding knife for the purposes of teaching the participants what to do and how to do it when confronted by a violent attacker or a dangerous situation that escalates into violence. This is NOT a martial arts course-it is a professional hands-on practical tactical approach to understanding and employing a tactical folding knife for the express purpose of personal defense and getting yourself and or your loved ones out of the sterile zone and to safety.


In today’s unforgiving world, you need a tactical advantage. The Tactical Pen Defense Workshop prepares you with the mindset and tools you need to successfully mitigate threats employing a tactical pen. It is a comprehensive program that fosters in-depth knowledge of the tactical pen as a defensive tool for your personal protection and safety that you can integrate into your daily life, thus giving you a tactical edge over would-be opportunists and criminals. This program teaches serious and empowering practical concepts and skills for using the tactical pen to avoid threatening and/or dangerous behavior and situations, while imparting critical defensive mental and physical aptitude to support threat mitigation. It enables a tactical advantage when it comes to surviving and winning conflict.


When conventional business execution isn’t enough, The Black Ops Business Edge seminar ignites growth and gives you strategies that don’t fail. Built from proven and hardened warrior strategies and tactics, this seminar helps any business plan, practice, execute, and succeed at all costs. You will learn the black ops mindset, the 7 effective steps to mission planning, how to “brief” your team like an operator, learn the most effective direct action debrief model and how to apply it, what mission readiness is all about, and how to dynamically execute and win against all odds! The Black Ops Business Edge Seminar. This is a crucial seminar in today’s cutthroat business environment that blends critical tested principles of covert operations and exciting relevant story-telling from someone that has been in the trenches to help you increase performance and success.


The business capabilities kit seminar contains all the information that a business “operator” needs to perform, execute and succeed in business. The BCK is business 101. To succeed in today’s business environment, the business operator needs a competitive edge. They need a successful process that can be learned, taught and repeated for any business. A methodology of continuous improvement is essential. The business capabilities kit seminar teaches how to tactically brief your team and apply a step by step briefing and debriefing process that has been field tested in the operational world, reviews how to set goals and implement a system of performance and accountability, define objectives with focus and direction, reviews the planning process and how to dynamically execute to win in business. The business capabilities kit seminar is the perfect seminar for those starting out in business or for those that want to streamline and accelerate performance in their business.