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Professional educator, published author and keynote speaker, Dr. Jeff Cantor, has spent his life in the service of saving lives and protecting people, governments, corporations and organizations from dangerous situations and high-risk threats. He has over 30 years’ experience in the global security field, as a kidnap and ransom response specialist, low signature security operations, recovery, close protection and asset transport and relocation. Dr. Cantor is a subject matter expert (SME) advisor and respected high risk environment security and tactical instructor that has trained SWAT Teams, elite members of the military, undercover operatives from federal agencies, foreign presidential protection detail personnel, state troopers, law enforcement instructors, contractors, NRA instructors and self-defense instructors.

As a subject matter expert, he has developed and implemented protective, tactical and survival programs that specialize in operational readiness for law enforcement and military personnel and critical preparedness, defensive and safety programs for private citizens. Dr. Cantor also uses his highly specialized knowledge and experience to teach corporations and organizations counter-kidnap & hostage survival, active shooter and terrorism preparedness and travel safety and security programs.

With a Doctorate in chiropractic medicine degree and 4,695 hours of graduate level science, Dr. Cantor uses his medical expertise in anatomy, human physiology and bio-mechanics to develop and teach realistic and practical protective and tactical programs that are unique, effective and foster in-depth knowledge that address the challenges surrounding defeating, stopping, and or incapacitating an attacker or hostile threat.

As Founder / CEO CANTOR TACTICAL, a global defense consulting, protection and risk management company, and as a subject matter expert consultant, Jeff’s contracted by private and International organizations and families as an advisor to harden facilities, people and assets worldwide. Jeff provides intelligent actionable recommendations to protect client’s interests; implement protective measures and programs that mitigate risk, respond to threats and crisis and lessen impact. His multi-layered approach to security planning ensures the integrity of lives, property and assets.

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