Jeff Cantor’s life reads like a Tom Clancy novel. Having spent time in an unforgiving trade as a mercenary operator, kidnap & ransom response specialist and tactical team leader in some of the most hostile environments on the planet, and with decades of real world experience as a global security expert and high risk environment tactical & security instructor, Cantor has gained his knowledge through the school of hard knocks and more than an occasional bullet.

Whether hot sweltering jungles executing a hostage rescue to helping corporate executives and governments deal with very real issues such as kidnapping, active shooter and terrorism preparedness, workplace violence and personal security, to protecting high value targets to helping our military and law enforcement personnel gain a greater tactical advantage through training and education, he has done it with decisive actionable leadership and a focused capacity for specifics.


The covert surveillance-training manual will guide you through the process of carrying out covert surveillance on any target. The manual takes you through mobile, foot and photographic surveillance concepts and tactics as well as surveillance detection methods and counter-surveillance trade craft. The manual is for professionals operating in the security field, private investigators, police officers, corporate security and military intelligence, Special Forces units, security guards and investigative journalists.

Dr. Cantor has been an International Security Consultant for over thirty years providing commercial, corporate and private individuals with a high level of professional services including private intelligence, hostage rescue, kidnap & ransom, private security details and maritime anti-piracy. He is a subject matter expert advisor to governments, agencies, companies and people in International security matters; surveillance and counter-surveillance, close quarters and extreme close quarters integrated combat, counter-terrorism and edged weapons.


Tactical planning requires real-time intelligence on your target as well as a clear method of passing information to on-site teams and tactical support groups in a manner, which is not discernible by the target or his associates. In any operation it is paramount that the mission is kept secret to protect the lives of the team executing the mission and to successfully accomplish the objectives.

In order to maintain the covert nature of the mission without divulging the actions we must adapt a system of communication that can change rapidly with the uncertain conditions surrounding covert ops… this is the essence of what this manual illustrates in Covert Reconnaissance.

Dr. Cantor’s background as a mercenary operator, kidnap & ransom response specialist and high risk environment tactical & security instructor come with decades of hard-earned experience in reconnaissance tradecraft. The concepts and techniques contained within the manual reflect in detail Cantor’s real world lessons learned.


Whether the boardroom or mean streets of today’s unforgiving corporate battlefield, strategic communication skills are what separate the leaders from the followers. Understanding the art of reading, influencing, predicting and engaging others is the absolute key to success when the stakes are high. Cantor’s no-nonsense approach to strategic communication empowerment is based on numerous extremely dangerous encounters with some very bad people while engaged as a mercenary operator and his experience working as an International Security consultant for world leaders, international business men and women and the jet set crowd around the globe.

Dr. Jeffrey Cantor is the CEO of Black Ops Leadership Training, a high impact leadership and coaching firm that counts professionals, diplomats, politicians and business leaders among its clients. Dr. Cantor and his team of experts work together to help clients overcome challenging communication and business related issues of strategic leadership, high performance team building, and direct action debriefing and executive communication through the skills that were hard earned in a career as a mercenary operator. From jungle to the back streets of the most hostile environments to the boardroom under fire, Cantor coaches, advises and delivers tactically precise information to executives and business leaders around the globe to empower performance, assist them in gaining a competitive edge, reduce conflict and crisis and succeed as modern day business warriors!


The principles of how a small group of people can exercise overwhelming influence over a larger force have been a military stratagem for thousands of years. Here Cantor employs the lessons learned from his own life and death experiences as a mercenary operator to articulate and illustrate how the principles of Black Ops prepare modern global economic warriors-business leaders, to improve, build high performance teams, lead and execute with an arsenal of sharp wit, precise language, communication and outstanding leadership skills.

What works in the field under the harshest conditions will also work for your business team, sales force, business leaders and anyone seeking to achieve, excel and improve. In a world where someone is gone in 60 seconds-kidnapped or when you’re client’s very safety and that of their family depends upon strategic planning and execution to mitigate errors, reduce risks and save lives, the Black Ops Business Edge provides clearly measurable insight and skills that are attainable for everyone. Now your business can benefit from the BOLT model too.


For law enforcement officials, a spy can help you save lives by keeping a huge shipment of drugs or illegal guns off the streets, knowing the secret weapon capabilities of a hostile nation offers a framework to develop or position countermeasures. Understanding the mental state of a foreign high-ranking government official plays a vital role in understanding that countries political climate and how that affects your own nation on many levels.

For the businessperson, a good spy can give you critical insight on upcoming competitors, how to overtake your competition or who on your team is a sell out. But spying is not just for governments, the military, business and law enforcement.

People use spies to find out about infidelity or to check on their children’s behaviors or a host of other reasons. The point is everyone has employed spies in one capacity or another over the centuries and this e-book offers you a glimpse of that shadowy world and the practical aspects of how to recruit a spy to gain a tactical advantage no matter what your objectives are.


A Very Real Threat in Today’s World

Kidnapping is a global epidemic that has penetrated every country. Sadly, it is a multi-billion dollar transnational enterprise. I wrote this new powerful e-book as a guide and information source for those companies, people and families so that they could gain a greater understanding of Kidnapping, how to prevent it and what to do if they should fall victim to it.

As businesses continue to expand operations internationally and people have a more global dimension, the protection of key personnel, employees, trade secrets and families must be more carefully analyzed. With Kidnapping and Extortion at epidemic proportions, today’s corporations and affluent citizens are at incredible risk.

To say that a kidnap has serious consequences is to make an understatement. For those affected and their families, it is extremely traumatic and emotionally draining. There are also financial consequences that include but are not limited to ransom negotiation fees, ransom payments, lawsuits, bad publicity, reputation damage and significant business interruption for corporations.


Through his real life experiences recruiting, building and leading teams of men into very dangerous environments

Cantor has learned to think strategically and uses his amazing storytelling ability, real world knowledge and the power of metaphor to convey his strategically sound and no-nonsense combat mindset approach to success and winning against all odds.

Dr. Cantor is presently CEO of Black Ops Leadership Training (BOLT), a company dedicated to providing coaching and strategic leadership training, high performance team building, direct action debriefing and tactical communication seminars and workshops to corporations, government and people.


Dr. Cantor is a global security expert. In an unforgiving trade as a mercenary operator, kidnap & ransom response specialist and tactical team leader in some of the most hostile environments on the planet, Cantor has gained his knowledge through the school of hard knocks.

In today’s unforgiving world you need an edge up. The Street Survival Tool Kit teaches you to use “awareness” as your weapon while empowering you with real world knowledge and strategies to avoid threatening situations.

For most of us crime is what happens to other people. Your greatest weapon in the fight of your life is avoidance! In a real life violent situation or crisis, you will not have time to call the police or family members for help.

The seven tools to personal safety give you clear options to help you prepare and overcome any critical event with confidence.


The Nine Tenets of Fearless Performance takes Cantor’s own hard-earned fearless life and shows how anyone can produce outstanding results with fearless performance.

This is a surefire system for anyone that wants to live an extraordinary life. The nine tenets of fearless performance is a straight shooting direct action set of tenets, which leads you right from the heart of a tiger. This is a journey that begins when you commit to the tenets you will garner

For many, personal security and safety have taken a back seat to the numerous and often times overwhelming issues and challenges that inundate our daily lives.

As a leading global security expert, kidnap & ransom response specialist and a high risk environment tactical instructor, Cantor has cut a path teaching and leading others for decades. Cantor’s Tactical Tenets are the principles with which he has trained and operated by and they are the cornerstone of surviving and winning engagements and violent attacks.


As former Editor-in-Chief, Cantor employed his expertise and understanding of the changing global security environment, and the necessity for individuals, agencies and government to deal with increasingly difficult hurdles on a day-to-day basis to protect themselves, their families and a nation.

To help its reader personal and business agendas worldwide, Security & Tactical Advisor is vigilant, competent, decisive and prepared as a portal of information addressing key personal and International security, home defense and firearms issues.



The Maritime Anti-Piracy Security Manual addresses the vulnerabilities encountered by private vessels in regards to safety, criminal acts, acts of piracy and other hostile actions that owner and crew may be subjected to.

This is a restricted security program. It is not intended for unauthorized use by persons other than the law abiding individuals that have been selected to undergo the program.


Achieving Peak Performance Through Exercise and Nutrition
Developed for Executives and Professionals to help them meet the rigorous demands in the fast paced business world, Executive Black Ops Fitness delivers a clear picture of “fitness execution.”

An extraordinary level of fitness and overall health are essential attributes in the elite community.

To exercise effectively for these physically and mentally demanding jobs, a combination of muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility is essential.

Dr. Jeffrey Cantor, with years of training elite soldiers, law enforcement professionals, executives and private citizens teaches and inspires others to conquer their fitness and health goals via the Executive Black Ops Fitness program.


The IVOC manual contains the tactics, techniques and procedures that can be employed to defeat a potential kidnapping, car jacking or if you are the target of a hostile surveillance that escalates into a snatch & grab.

The manual addresses the type of violence and potentially violent attacks that occur in and around vehicles, garages and parking lots and other areas where confined space will be the environment in which you will need to operate, survive and win!


A comprehensive course manual that is designed to impart strong fundamental skill sets with a tactical folding knife when confronted with a violent situation.

This is a complete principle based system of tactical folding knife as taught by Dr. Jeff Cantor, for the purposes of teaching what to do and how to do it when confronted with a violent attacker of situation that escalates into violence.


For many, personal security and safety have taken a back seat to the numerous and often times overwhelming issues and challenges that inundate our daily lives.

As a leading global security expert, kidnap & ransom response specialist and a high risk environment tactical instructor, Cantor has cut a path teaching and leading others for decades.

Cantor’s Tactical Tenets are the principles with which he has trained and operated by and they are the cornerstone of surviving and winning engagements and violent attacks.


In an uncertain world, political unrest, social upheavals as well as conflict and natural disasters can cause a rapid imbalance and potential crisis for unknowing businesses and people at a moment’s notice.

For those that are operating, doing business in or planning recreational activities in areas of the world that are considered at risk, you need to be prepared.

Preparation in the form of Intelligence is critical for business and personal survival.  

Special Intelligence reports offer a plethora of crucial intelligence that give our clients a true to life picture of events and happenings so that they can make better faster decisions

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