Protect your most valuable assets, your family!

Cantor Tactical, with decades of real world experience in the global security business can help you stay safe at home. We will evaluate and analyze your present security and work with you on developing a comprehensive security plan for your family and your home.

Your home is your sanctuary and it is the one place you should feel safe in, but there are many variables to consider from:

  • Home security surveys and assessments
  • Smart security systems
  • Physical security enhancements
  • Alarm systems and monitoring
  • Video monitoring and smart phone-activated devices for viewing on the go
  • Home invasion plans and response drills
  • Fire plans
  • Setting up a safe or panic rooms
  • Everything Firearms and the home
  • Escape plans
  • Hardening your home
  • Staging
  • Preparing and rehearsing for a critical incident, natural disasters and terrorism
  • Improvised defense tools
  • Perimeter security

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At Cantor Tactical, we are available for the homeowner to discuss, evaluate, plan and implement critical security features, enhancements and effective countermeasures to detect, deter and thwart the myriad of challenges that the present day homeowner is faced with.
We value your safety and take it very seriously. Home security is incredibly important in today’s uncertain world where anything can happen.
Call us today for a home safe home consultation or fill out the form below and a home security expert will contact you to address your needs.

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