Dr. Jeff Cantor
Global Security Expert, Trainer, SME Advisor, Consultant, Professional Educator & Author
Professional educator, published author and keynote speaker

Dr. Jeff Cantor has spent his life in the service of saving lives and protecting people, governments, corporations and organizations from dangerous situations and high-risk threats. He has over 30 years’ experience in the global security field, as a security and anti-kidnapping specialist, and in low signature security operations, recovery and protection.

As a noted speaker, Dr. Cantor draws on his extraordinary experience as a global security expert having selected, trained and led teams to execute mission’s against overwhelming odds and applies that in-depth knowledge to corporations, organizations and the challenges of security, business and everyday life.

He provides valuable and unconventional insight and a refreshing “real world” perspective to the conventional and uncertain jungle of today’s corporate and business world.

Jeff speaks on a myriad of topics from travel safety and security, active shooter and terrorism preparedness, Jason Bourne like situational awareness, personal security, Workplace safety, team building, the security mindset, home defense, the combat mindset, and topics such as his book, The Black Ops Business Edge, which employs lessons learned from his life on the edge to articulate how the principles of Black Ops prepare modern global economic warriors-business leaders, to improve, build high performance teams, gain a competitive advantage, lead and execute.

As an expert in risk management, Jeff leverages more than three decades of real world experience to offer a portrait of professional security seminars, lectures and workshops that strategically equip and empower organizations, businesses and people with the knowledge, awareness, and protective tools to recognize, avoid and mitigate threats and crisis for optimally effective personal and organizational security and maintenance of business continuity.

Jeff has been interviewed two times by Sheriff John Bunnell, TV host of World’s Wildest Police Videos, whom has also been featured on COPS and American Detective.

He has published 17 books and manuals and over 125 articles and white papers on global security, terrorism, active shooters, personal security, travel safety, close quarter combat, home defense and Black OPs Business in addition to being the former Editor-in-Chief for Security & Tactical Advisor Magazine.

Jeff is on the forefront of advancing security and protective programming integrating technology for the private and commercial sectors. He is the author, developer and chief instructor for the Threat Survival System App, a fully scalable, customizable authentically mobile educational threat solution for citizens, corporations and organizations.

The TSS App is the first in a new suite of public and corporate products designed by Cantor and Defense Coach University to help people and organizations navigate an increasingly complicated and constantly evolving threat environment. This tool offers an actionable perspective with which to make critical decisions with confidence in preparation of the unthinkable and a clear picture on what to do and when to do it in a crisis situation.

Jeff is the Founder / CEO of Defense Coach University (DCU), a pioneer in the “science of defense and safety” known as Defenseology. Cantor has created a groundbreaking new career in ‘defense coaching’ that changes the landscape. Defense Coaches work with people, families, companies and organizations to help assess and identify gaps in safety, defense, security and protection with respect to people, your home, travel and businesses and then implement action plans and training to strengthen those gaps and mitigate risk.

Jeff is also the founder/ CEO of TRS International Group, a global security defense consulting, protection and risk management company and is a strategic advisor to the International Association for Counter Terrorism and Tactical Countermeasures.