This course is intended to provide those in church leadership and or congregation with the tools they need to effectively organize professional ministry security that is already in place, help develop a ministry security team and prepare those congregants not involved with the security team with a plan in the event of a threatening or escalating situation. .

Is Your Church Prepared? Be Proactive NOW!

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The course will cover the importance of security planning for the security team, individuals and families.

For church administration, having a real plan for your security is crucial so that actions judged during a crisis are based upon an objective plan that was enacted that followed ministries policies and procedures in which all staff and volunteers have been trained.

This mitigates risk to the congregation as well as reduces liability to administration.

Cantor Tactical’s Church Security Programs are designed to give each attendee the tools they need to either start up or formalize your church’s security.

In addition, our Church Security Talks addresses important security tools for realistic safety filled with practical information for congregants that empowers and prepares them with critical and potentially life saving knowledge, tactics and procedures.

The talks and programs impart a strong personal protection system to mitigate risk to persons, property and assets. The comprehensive design of the material offers intelligent real world insight and perspective on safety for such issues as active shooter defense, counter terrorism, hate crimes, child and adult protection, robbery, dealing with violence, intruders, verbal and physical conflict management, security planning and enhanced awareness skills.

Participant Benefits Upon Course Completion:

  • Security planning for leadership
  • Understanding current day threats⦁ Understanding current day threats
  • Active Shooter Defense and Response
  • How to do a rapid threat assessment
  • 360-degree situational awareness for congregation and security team
  • Active avoidance
  • How to develop a baseline anywhere
  • Behavioral pattern recognition and pre-incident behavior
  • Verbal & physical conflict management
  • How to deal with armed intruders (gun/knife)
  • How to deal with unarmed resistance
  • How to deal with violence
  • Improvised weapons
  • Tactical application of firearms
  • Overt vs. concealed carry
  • Active Shooter Scenarios
  • Mobile Active Killer Scenario with knife
  • Unarmed resistance scenario
  • Q & A

Program Delivery
The program can be delivered as a 60 or 90-minute security talk or as a half day or full day combination of classroom and practical exercises. We recommend that participants wear sneaker type footwear and loose comfortable clothing. All gear and equipment to complete the practical aspects of the course will be provided by Cantor Tactical.