Security while traveling abroad is an absolute concern for everyone.

STS provides highly personalized expert advice, guidance, assistance, security and health alerts, training, travel services, tracking and monitoring, emergency evacuation and tips for recreational travelers to mitigate risk and help ensure they improve their overall safety quotient while traveling.Whether it’s terrorism, crime, or natural disasters, we understand the vulnerabilities your organization faces and the potential impact, damage and disruption that may emerge.

At Safe Travel Specialist, it is our aim to support you as you explore the world and to explain the risks and how to prevent them and what to do if the unthinkable happens.

We can discuss travel gear, clothing, and equipment that would help make your trip more enjoyable and safer. We have online courses that can enhance your awareness and better prepare you for security and health concerns as you travel.

We offer a variety of live training and educational seminars and workshops that are fun and jam packed with critical personal security and survival skills to mitigate risk, improve the quality of your time spent traveling and enable you to make clear swifter informed decisions.

You also have the option of speaking directly to one of the world’s leading security experts, Dr. Jeff about your personal security and travel craft to gain invaluable insights on planning, pre-departure, airport and airlines, hotel, land transportation, vessel and residential concerns. Everything from professional safety tips, what to prepare, how to pre-position and what to do in the event of an emergency or crisis and how we can help.

STS is a cost effective, ideal travel safety resource specifically focused on you as a personal traveler that integrates proactive advice with risk assessment, intelligence, threat monitoring, security alerts, emergency response with decades of industry and real world experience to assist you in mitigating risk, threats and danger so you can travel confidently and with peace of mind anywhere on the globe.

Pre-Travel / Pre-Departure Travel Planning

Personalized in-depth assistance in planning, packing, threat and risk assessment, comprehensive pre-departure advice and information about your destination, security risks for personal safety, health and medical, country profiles, city and hotel assessments,

TravelSafe training and education, and all things to make you feel confident, safer and have peace of mind.

Travel Safety Awareness

Online and on-site live training programs that address key subjects that can impact your travel safety and security.

We have inclusive traveler risk mitigation programs that cover: 360-degree situational awareness, hostile environment contact awareness, active shooter, terrorism awareness, tactical pen defense, travel security, anti-kidnap & hostage survival, escape & evasion and advanced countermeasures training.

Destination Assistant & Assessment

Need help choosing the perfect destination? Let us help!

We can assist you in your decision making process by providing information about potential choices in countries and assess the risk environment in that selection as well as address your safety and health concerns within that choice.

We can also provide hotel assessments as part of your pre-travel preparations.

Hotel assessments identify crime and terrorism concerns, facility vulnerabilities, physical security layout and security force present, as well as routes to and from airports.

Travel Safety Briefs

Travel safety briefs offer up to date intelligence on destinations, including threat levels, current, emerging and potential threats, security and health alerts and concerns, geopolitical issues, criminal activities, natural disasters and analysis that reflects seasoned insight from experts with recommendations and critical information to help ensure your safety and mitigate risk while you are in-country or even for “no-fly travel” where you are simply traveling the roads and staying at hotels or on a cruise ship or private vessel.

Emergency Planning and Evacuation Support Services

When your travel situation requires a more active response, our highly trained trusted partners around the world use their knowledge, assets and procedures to help provide you with global assistance for everything from medical and natural disaster to threat evacuation.


Talk with Dr. Jeff

It is always a pleasure when we can assist a traveler that wants to raise his or her awareness and reduce risk prior to travel. We offer clinical expertise on client-specific travel craft and advice with access to our “Talk with Dr. Jeff”.

From preparing to travel to airport, hotel and transportation as well as health related issues and discussing security concerns and how to effectively deal with them, Dr. Jeff is a highly respected world renown security expert, travel security expert, kidnap & ransom response specialist, high risk environment close quarter combat instructor, SWAT instructor, professional educator and published author with decades of real world experience and street smarts. In opting for “Talk with Dr. Jeff” you can choose to speak via phone or video conference call on a one to one basis or a group call.

Any way you choose, his unique skill sets and object knowledge can elevate your travel awareness, answer your questions, address your concerns and positively impact your travel safety and security wisdom.

As a traveler you will be more aware of potential pitfalls and will know that there is a trusted resource available to assist with issues both major and minor.



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Travel Security Consulting

Safe Travel Specialist supports clients by providing strategically focused worldwide expert travel security consulting services and risk management.

Executive Protection

We offer personalized professional protection services to minimize risk and maximize safety to ensure the client is able to focus on what is important to them.

Travel Security Courses

We offer personalized professional protection services to minimize risk and maximize safety to ensure the client is able to focus on what is important to them.