Cantor Tactical helps organizations, corporations and people to understand their security risks. The objective may be specific or to assist in physical security enhancements for home or building or it may be to support an existing or new project.

Cantor Tactical security risk consultants work with clients from medium to small business, NGO’s, organizations and private individuals in a strategic manner to identify, assess and mitigate threats and risks to clients that are critical to business continuity, operations or personal agendas.

We can also conduct vulnerability assessments (VA) and vulnerability testing (VT) on physical structures and fixed manned security posts. Utilizing a myriad of tactics, techniques and procedures, our experts will test security measures in place. This involves but is not limited to physical penetration testing of your physical security systems and procedures as well as patrolled, armed and unarmed security measures. Where required, this may also include social engineering to assess what types of security and countermeasures will be effective for the outlined objectives or to assess what information may be shared knowingly or unknowingly among employees.

Our defense consulting division provides clients with crisis management planning for specific and unique threats and risks. Our expert consultants work personally with clients to provide practical planning, real time tactics, procedures and intelligence for best course of action during times of crisis.

With an understanding of the client, their history, culture and business, our specialists will develop or review plans, make recommendations for improvement and implement where and when needed.

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Our knowledge spans a wide range of issues including kidnapping, extortion, terrorism, activist extremism, natural disasters and other critical incidents.

We also work with clients to test their crisis management preparedness, which enables the team to fill gaps, vulnerabilities, run through various scenarios and improve the plan while maintaining a continuous familiarity with the crisis management plan.

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