Executive Protection Services and Personal Security

In today’s unforgiving climate, global executives, businessmen and women, celebrities and other individuals must tackle the elevated corporate and personal travel risks that require advanced security planning and management. No matter whether traveling domestically or internationally, by private aircraft or yacht, we provide protective services to address the risk of traveling in today’s world where nothing is secure.

We understand there is a delicate balance between risk analysis, threat vulnerability and physical security, which is why we provide layered discreet security services to cover everything from pre-departure, risk assessment, travel management to on-site executive and close protection

Comprehensive Executive Protection Services

We offer confidential personalized professional protection services to minimize risk and maximize safety to ensure the client is able to focus on what is important to them.


We understand your personnel are valuable people. That also means they can be a valued target. To assist you in ensuring the safety of those team members, we offer a distinct suite of services from professional mission ready people so that you can execute your business with confidence and peace of mind.

STS works with each client to develop a custom tailored security plan that is agenda based and geographically specific. In particular, we specialize in mitigating risk and helping clients protect their personnel, families, physical property and financial value.

Our holistic approach and services include but are not limited to:

  • Executive Protection. Immediate close protection from specialists that have many years of operational experience.
  • Protective Surveillance for those that require a low-profile approach. This ensures that those clients that highly regard their privacy will have a responsive security team near by, without attracting unwanted attention.
  • Security Driver. A critical element is safely transporting our clients, which allows the protection agents to solely focus on the client’s safety. At the clients request a security driver can make an excellent additional invaluable security team member.
  • Residential Security. Close protection agents can be deployed to the client’s residence and or offices to help ensure security round the clock when required.
  • Client risk assessment of threats and vulnerabilities
  • Special Event Security
  • Advance planning and Site Surveys for domestic and international agendas
  • Pre-trip planning, information and intelligence
  • In-country welfare tracking and monitoring

STS Executive protection 

Benefits of STS Executive Protection and Security Support Services

Keep Travelers Safe

We work with you to identify the risks that could impact your personnel / traveler anywhere they travel.

Professional Support

Our highly trained specialists are there to support our client from pre-departure, on-site and through their safe return.

Layered Levels of Protection

Practical and cost effective security according to the level of risk and security required to ensure your travelers safety.

Pre-Departure Assessment and Planning

Our pre-departure assessment takes into account risk factors and the latest in-country / region assessments to implement a course of action that is tailored to the specific needs of your personnel.

Customized executive protection services to meet your needs.

Our Executive Protection services always incorporate meticulous planning and advance preparations. Encompassing counter surveillance methodologies, protective intelligence, analysis and reporting that converge with physical security.

Our protection specialists are there for the express purpose of keeping your personnel safe. They are consummate professionals with an active history of real world experience that understand the importance of communication, leadership, teamwork and coordinating critical intelligence when it comes to protecting our clients. The utmost optics are given to the security profile, operating environment and up to the minute threat intelligence.


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Travel Security Consulting

Secure Travel Specialist supports clients by providing strategically focused worldwide expert travel security consulting services and risk management.

Travel Risk Management

We offer personalized professional protection services to minimize risk and maximize safety to ensure the client is able to focus on what is important to them.

Travel Security Courses

We offer personalized professional protection services to minimize risk and maximize safety to ensure the client is able to focus on what is important to them.