Cantor Tactical supports clients by providing strategically focused worldwide expert risk mitigation solutions for security, defense, travel and protection

At Cantor Tactical, our mission is to give our clients the foresight to eliminate situations before they arise and the tools to effectively deal with any situation they may be confronted with.

Having a comprehensive range of safety, security, protective and intelligence solutions mitigates risk and reduces your vulnerability to threats on every level.

Our clients benefit from a responsive support model. We provide an exceptional atmosphere of client interaction as an integral part of our business, which includes answering your questions and addressing your security concerns on an ongoing basis.

By leveraging more then three decades of real world experience we devise, plan, brief and execute actionable solutions that protect your life, home, business and your bottom line.

To protect what matters most, our trusted expert consultants are accessible via phone, video conference and in-person to discuss your specific security challenges, offer critical insights and a plethora of information vital to strategic decision making, planning and execution.

Services and Intelligence solutions for our clients that range from:


  • Threat Assessment and Risk Management
  • Home, Business and Office security planning
  • Travel Safety & Security
  • Comprehensive Personal Security and Safety
  • Kidnap & Ransom Response
  • Detailed Security Planning for Travel
  • Executive, Close and Dignitary Protection
  • Travel Briefings
  • 007 Nanny Training and Services
  • Regional Intelligence Alerts
  • Personal Security Assessments
  • Asset Protection
  • Asset Transport and Relocation
  • Physical Hardening and Countermeasures
  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Maritime Defense
  • Specialized Tactical, Security and Personal Defense Training
Crisis Management & Risk Consulting

Cantor Tactical helps organizations, corporations and people to understand their security risks. The objective may be specific or to assist in physical security enhancements for home or building or it may be to support an existing or new project.

Dignitary & Close Protection

In today’s unforgiving climate, global executives, businessmen and women, celebrities and other individuals must tackle the elevated corporate and personal risks that require advanced security planning and management.

Home Security

Cantor Tactical, with decades of real world experience in the global security business can help you stay safe at home. We will evaluate and analyze your present security and work with you on developing a comprehensive security plan for your family and your home.

Kidnap & Ransom

As businesses continue to expand operations internationally and people have a more global dimension, the protection of key personnel and families must be considered a priority objective. Kidnapping and Extortion are at epidemic proportions, making today’s global citizen and corporations at an incredible risk.

Personal Security & Target Hardening

With a dedicated team of professional defense consultants with decades of real world experience, Cantor Tactical is ideally suited to meet the personal security needs of our clients with rapid response in any environment across a wide diversity of issues. Hopefully you will never be faced with a decision that involves your personal safety or security.

Travel Safety & Security

Providing world-class travel security solutions and support for business and recreational travelers. We offer a range of travel related services tailored to meet the various cultural, safety, logistical and security challenges of today’s business and recreational traveler.

Yacht & Maritime

Our Maritime and Anti-Piracy Security division provides specialized consulting to support owners, crew and passengers for safer business and recreational operations in low to high risk regions.


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