Tactical Edged Weapons

A comprehensive tactical edged weapons workshop designed specifically to impart strong fundamental skills sets for employing a knife for personal defense. This is realistic blade training for real world functional application from a real world subject matter expert.

Event details

When: Sunday February 23,  2020

Where: Rebirth Fitness 4201 N Federal Hwy Suite 2A Pompano Beach, FL

Workshop duration: 6 Hours (12:00PM – 18:00PM)

First 10 people to sign up will receive a FREE TACTICAL PEN

About the workshop

In this outstanding workshop, you have an opportunity to learn about the fixed blade as a definitive and reliable defense tool.

This is real world tactical edged weapons training that imparts strong fundamental skill sets for knife on knife conflict and unarmed defense against a knife.

If you are interested in learning how to use a fixed blade knife in real world applications, then this workshop is for you!

Workshop Objectives

The aim of this workshop is to introduce or refresh those who already carry or are interested in carrying a knife for personal defense into the world of tactical edged weapons. The workshop prepares individuals to carry and present a knife to a threat, expose students to the most effective tactics, techniques and procedures for employing a knife and defending against a knife attack. Students will also be exposed to controlled techniques and simulations so that they can optimize their performance for real world application.

Edged weapons have been employed for a multitude of purposes since the beginning of mankind. From shaping stones into sharp instruments to use as cutting tools, to hunt for prey and weapons to combat predators. Over time, the one constant that has remained the same is that the blade is an absolute definitive tool for personal defense. In a day and age where threats with edged weapons to the civilian population are evolving, a greater understanding on the use of a knife for defense is critical.

The workshop clearly addresses: how to respond to a knife on knife incident, what to do if you cannot get your knife out in time and you find yourself empty handed, how and when to transition to a knife, and the defensive application, disarming and protective countermeasures necessary to win!


Brief lectures, demonstrations and ‘hands’-on practical tactical edged weapon exercises, skills and drills.

Who should attend

This workshop is for those concerned citizens and law enforcement officers who want to learn about using a knife for personal defense or for those that want to add to their skill sets with a blade.





Workshop outline

  • Mission briefing
  • Understanding present day edged weapon threats
  • Anatomical considerations
  • Tactical principles
  • Carry and deployment
  • Grips and manipulation
  • Weapon retention
  • Pre-emption
  • Unarmed defense and application
  • Adopting a combat mindset
  • Understand the rules of engagement
  • Cutting and stabbing and targets
  • Skills and drills
  • Close quarters application
  • Movement to Contact
  • Disarming and takedowns
  • Real-world threat scenarios
  • Debrief

Pre-requisites and eligibility

There is no prior experience required to take this workshop.

This is NOT martial arts-this is a professional hands-on practical approach to tactical edged weapons.

This is fun and easy to learn. The workshop does require you to have a moderate fitness level as you will be moving around quite a bit throughout the day.

What to bring and wear

You do not have to bring a training knife, as we will provide it for you. You may bring a training knife if you have your own, however be advised that ultimately the instructor must check out the trainer to make sure it is safe. If for whatever reason, he would rather you use one of our trainers then one will be provided for you. Wear sneakers and loose comfortable clothing. Whatever you normally wear is fine. A belt of some sorts (the type that holds your pants up) is a plus.

If you are a CCW (carrying concealed weapon permit holder), we strongly recommend that you train with a replica/trainer of your handgun as part of this workshop. You may bring a blue/red / inert training gun with holster in the carry position you normally carry.

Bring water or other fluids to stay hydrated as well as any snacks you want. We will break for 45 minutes for lunch, so you may elect to bring a bag lunch.

Reserve your seat now

Empower yourself with knowledge and skills that not only allow you to enhance your survivability with and without a knife, but force you to look at the world a little differently and challenge you outside the normal spectrum of your protective thinking.








Please note: there is no video or audio taping. Limited still photos. Every participant must sign a release waiver prior to the start of training.