To help people and organizations mitigate travel risk and ensure their safety, Secure Travel Specialist Travel Security Training equips them with the knowledge they need to spot and avoid risk before it strikes.

Our Travel Security Training programs help to improve traveler’s situational awareness and encourage security best practices for their safe return.

Secure Travel Specialist provides world-class travel security services, training and support, for business and recreational travelers. From planning and pre-departure and embarkation, travel alerts, wellness check-ins, tracking and monitoring and until you return safely, STS expert travel security consultants are there to support you.

As people take on a more global dimension and uncertainty is everywhere, it is clear that we live in an increasingly dangerous world. The importance of professional and practical travel security services is more crucial and beneficial than ever for both the business and recreational traveler.

We offer a range of innovative eLearning Travel Security Training programs as well as comprehensive firsthand live hugely insightful seminars and workshops across key subject areas that can greatly impact both business and recreational travelers.



These robust eLearning and live travel security training programs meet duty of care obligations, help ensure safety of personnel while traveling and reduce liability and exposure. And are focused on meeting the cultural, safety, logistical and security challenges of today’s business traveler.



Our eLearning and on-site live travel security training programs provide an immense amount of critical travel craft that serves to mitigate risk, increase awareness, and prepare you with confidence and peace of mind that is underpinned to courses that are extremely practical, relevant and intelligent. 

Professional Travel Security Training to Mitigate Risk and Strengthen Knowledge

Designed to address the ever-ever-changing risk environment facing business and recreational travelers, TravelSafe eLearning courses is our interactive, comprehensive online training and educational resource for business and recreational travelers. It gives people and organizations the knowledge they need to travel the globe, comprehensive tips and information on how to stay safe in all type situations including active shooters and terrorism, how to make themselves less of a target for criminals and opportunists, avoid risks and return home safely.

TravelSafe eLearning programs are focused on helping organizations and people navigate an increasingly complicated and constantly evolving threat environment as they travel. The programs enable people and organizations to garner practical expertise on a variety of critical subjects that impact travelers. They offer an actionable perspective with which to make critical decisions with confidence in preparation of the unthinkable and a clear picture on what to do and when to do it in a crisis situation.

TravelSafe eLearning courses are interactive and engaging with multimedia content based on real world travel security expertise. Every online program offers an actionable perspective with which to make critical decisions with confidence in preparation of the unthinkable and a clear picture on what to do and when to do it in a crisis situation.

Travelers absorb the micro-learning (bite-size) lessons, which breaks down content into manageable chunks. This makes time spent more efficient, increasing information retention and provides essential personal safety information across areas that are crucial to traveler safety.

In today’s ever-evolving threat environment, STS provides a unique professional strategic safety solution by way of TravelSafe eLearning and via the TravelSafe live workshops that empowers corporations, organizations, people and families around the globe with comprehensive safety and security knowledge and skills that allow them to mitigate risk and confidently navigate business or recreational travel.



Benefits of STS Travel Security Training

  • Professional travel security training delivered by experts.
  • Stresses crime avoidance concepts.
  • Increased travel security knowledge and competence.
  • Improved ability to recognize and avoid potential threats before they happen.
  • Demonstrates duty of care.
  • Evidence of commitment toward organizations mission and values.
  • Continual education and improvement of personnel, staff and employees.
  • Improves traveler health and medical precautions knowledge.
  • Our experts bring to the table significant real-world experience.
  • Practical relevant highly applicable knowledge to help mitigate risk.
  • Convenient and cost efficient online travel security training.
  • On-site travel security training that has been field-tested and delivers tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP’s) that give you a blueprint for travel safety and security unlike any other.
  • Improves traveler safety and encourages best safe practices.

TravelSafe Security Live Seminars and Workshops is a unique footprint of travel security training education and information that is designed to give your team an edge in an uncertain world. Each course is unique in both content and delivery. The programs provide critical information pertaining to pre-travel advice, security protocols to follow, pre-positioning and serious security tips and tricks from a real world expert to help keep you and your team safe anywhere they travel.

Travel Security is completely customized and is based on the specific needs of the organization, company or individuals.