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Attention Parents and Grandparents: Defense Coach University’s College Safety Prep (CSP) program is the leader in student-centric safety and protection education. We are experts in preparing students for the many expected and unexpected challenges they face as they strive to achieve on an academic and social level to become caring, giving, and valued members of society.

CSP is a mobile-first program that is user friendly and is accessed on the student’s smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. The program is intelligent, fun, and comprehensive and uses the power of simulation and education mixed together to empower students to recognize and avoid danger as a first line of defense.

The best self-defense strategies use recognition and awareness, so that avoidance of a dangerous situation is your weapon! When avoidance can’t be achieved, we teach students ways to evade the situation and get away safely. If evasion is impossible and action is required, we provide a Counter module that covers techniques to use when absolutely necessary, so they can escape potentially dangerous and/or threatening situations.

RAEC (Recognize, Avoid, Evade, and Counter) is a blueprint for safety as students move through their daily campus life. Here are some of the risks covered:

  • Aggressive behavior
  • Date rape
  • Unwanted sexual advancement
  • Assault
  • Violent rape
  • Bullying
  • Stalking
  • Active shooter / Hostile intruder


Our philosophy is that students must be able to protect themselves in any uncertain situation. R-A-E-C, or Recognize, Avoid, Evade, and Counter, imparts a strong safety and personal protection system for students to mitigate risk, think strategically, and plan for the expected and unexpected challenges of campus life while they enjoy the learning process.

Learning your options, planning, and preparing are the key factors that assist people in their ability to cope with potentially dangerous situations and crisis. The more educated you are, the more prepared you are and the more likely you will avoid the situation altogether.

In the College Safety Prep program, students will learn:

  • Critical situational awareness skills
  • The types of threats they may face in the campus environment
  • Threat-assessment principles
  • Pre-incident behavior and indicators
  • Active avoidance
  • How to assess and identify risk
  • How to think strategically
  • How to prevent and diffuse volatile situations and conflict
  • The body stress response and how to work with it effectively
  • How to evade when they cannot avoid
  • Practical role-playing games to enhance skills
  • Debriefing techniques to use with campus police and security

As parents and grandparents we must do everything we can to prevent dangerous or violent situations before they happen.

Give your child the education they need to stay safe and protect themselves while at school and beyond with the only program of its kind, the College Safety Prep Program!

Give yourself peace of mind and Order the ONLY program that gives your child the knowledge they need to survive while at school and beyond, the College Safety Prep Program!

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