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Are you a consultant, life or business coach, real estate agent, fitness trainer, martial arts instructor or travel agent that wants to get more clients or wants to take your business to a whole new level?


Or maybe you want to expand your horizons by being able to offer your private or business clients comprehensive protective and safety protocols, threat assessment, personal security coaching and consulting, travel safety, business security planning and continuity, risk reduction or how to better prepare for uncertainty?


Perhaps you are a security minded individual and you are searching for a career or part time business or simply a way to protect your family?

Are you ready to lead and inspire others?

Cantor Tactical Defense Coach Program

Hi my name is Dr. Jeff Cantor, and I am the founder and CEO of Defense Coach University. The world has changed. Everyday we are inundated with another terror attack or active shooting.

Crime is not something that simply happens to other people or businesses. And unfortunately for some, natural disasters may pose a hazard in their life.

The truth is there are all manner of threats and dangers that are inherent in our daily lives and we have the power to make a difference.


That’s why I created Defense Coach University and why it’s so critical that you listen for the next few minutes because what I am about to discuss with you can change your life, empower you to have an immense impact o others and help you create a culture of safety, security and excellence that will become the foundation for every aspect of your life.

There is a need right now for what I call, “the defense metric.” This is redefining safety and security to meet the demands of people and business today and tomorrow.

The Defense Metric, places emphasis on achieving safety and security in the home, workplace, school and while out and about doing daily tasks, and while traveling. I think you would agree that it is knowledge, preparation and Training that saves lives and mitigates risk.

The fact is we live in an increasingly dangerous world. And we need to change our mindset to that of a “security mindset” if we are to win in our personal and business lives against today’s concerns and threats and to prepare for the emerging challenges that we will face tomorrow.

Before I talk to you about this exciting and absolutely in-demand opportunity as a defense coach, you should know that one of the foremost research centers in the world today, The Foundation for the Study of Cycles, that studies and analyzes markets, businesses and success found that “SECURITY” as a profession, skill and trade is in the top 3 most desirable and potentially successful business opportunities for the next decade!

Now before I get into the “what” “who” and “how” of Defense Coaching, let me tell you a little about my background and how I created this niche within the field of coaching.

Defense Coach Certification

I am a global security expert, kidnap & ransom response specialist, mercenary operator, high-risk environment security and tactical instructor, personal security operations expert, Active shooter and terrorism preparedness expert, travel safety expert, close quarter combat instructor, black ops escape & evasion instructor, tactical edged and impact weapons instructor, close and dignitary protection instructor, hand-to-hand combat instructor, published author, professional educator, doctor, master defense coach and speaker for more than three decades.

I am a subject matter expert (SME) advisor to governments, the military, law enforcement including special operations, security professionals, travel and hospitality industry, foreign presidential security details, corporations, organizations and people, and have spent my life in the service of saving lives and protecting people, governments, corporations and organizations from dangerous situations and high risk threats.

I created defense coaching because I have witnessed first hand what human beings are capable of and understand the current day and emerging threat environment we all face on a day to day basis.

Defense Coaching

Law enforcement, the military and governments around the world can only provide security for a nation to a limited degree. The fact is that though they do their absolute best, they are restricted by knowledge, awareness, politics and “red tape.”

Now adding to their enormous tasks, they have to be “aware” of a situation or danger to respond and even then, there are response times. The time from which they are notified there is a crime or critical incident, and the time they arrive on scene.

In most cases, though they try their hardest, you are more often than not going to have to fend for yourself.

Defense Coaching for Active Shooter
Home Invasion Defense Coach



Now aside from these facts and the actual and emerging threats we all face on a day to day basis, what really changed my thinking and caused a true paradigm shift was while I was out and about on some much needed R&R.

Defense Coach Tactical

My team and I had just returned from a mission where we had repatriated a businessman with his family after having been kidnapped and held for several months.

The mission was riddled with a series of questionable pieces of Intel as the kidnappers continually moved the hostage from one jungle internment camp to another, while utilizing the remote terrain to hide and evade detection.

In the end, we recovered the package, and afterwards we were all a little on edge and I took some much-needed R&R in a small village about 4 Klicks from the ocean.

A couple of nights in that village and everything was starting to calm down.

I was out alone one night after dark walking towards the central part of the town and I had to cross a small bridge over a swiftly flowing river.

As I approached the bridge, I heard angry voices coming from somewhere in front of me. Being curious, I walked a bit faster and after clearing an elevation in the bridge I saw six men furiously kicking and punching a young man.

As I began to approach the gang, they suddenly became aware of my presence, focusing their tough guy attitude toward me, cursing in their native dialect.

I slowly closed the distance, face solemn, but expressionless, never speaking a single word as I came to stand five feet in front of them.

I had disrupted their mission, which was obviously to beat this young man to death. After a little intense thought provoking eye contact with them, they quickly disbanded and ran in different directions. At the time, I was wondering if it could have been my new deodorant?

I quickly gathered up the young man, as it was an emerging nation, there was no choice here other than picking him up and physically bringing him to get medical attention or leaving him laying there bleeding and broken.

The “hospital” was only about 2 kilometers and so I flagged down a motorcycle with a sidecar and made it to the hospital quickly.

After more than an hour, a man in a white coat, presumably a doctor, came over to me to inform me that the young man had suffered numerous cuts, bruises, broken ribs and several hematomas, but would be fine in a few weeks time.

I proceeded to walk down a dingy corridor and entered the young man’s room. He thanked me and after a little conversation, he gave me his local address.

Train to become a Defense Coach

The next day I had to do some traveling, but made a mental note to look in on him when I returned. About a week later I stopped by his house early in the morning and found him on the front porch drinking a cup of coffee.

We conversed for about an hour discussing local politics, his goals in life and the current economic plight of his country.

I knew full well within the first few minutes of our conversation that this young man had great potential. The problem was of course that like so many people around the world, his family was unable to afford the education he dreamt of.

Understanding the limitations and resources I had, but not wanting him to succumb to a life of hardship and more beatings, I made it my mission to train this young man in the tradecraft that I knew, which was the security and tactical trade.

This was new territory for my team and me. This was a civilian, but I was determined to turn this young man into an operator. After a couple years, an operator is what he became!

He learned to funnel his anger from that one event into a drive that inspired him to be something greater and better than he ever would have thought possible.

He learned about situational awareness, principles of security, kidnap prevention, travel safety, how to deal with expected and unexpected challenges, principles of protection and defense, how to become a human lie detector, covert surveillance, human performance, leadership and much more.

Become a Defense Coach now

During the course of his evolution, we brought numerous others from all backgrounds into the same program successfully. Though I did not realize it at the time, this became the boilerplate for Defense Coaching, and it did not fully hit home until I was on a very long flight and I thought, “in principle why can’t we train and teach people everywhere to be “defense coaches”?

Crime and terrorism know no boundaries and this helps put people in control of their safety. There are so many applications and solutions that a defense coach could tackle to assist people and organizations create a culture of safety and security, while at the same time earn for those valuable services.

This was the birth of Defense Coaching.



Defense Coaches work with people, families, companies and organizations to help assess and identify gaps in safety, defense, security and protection with respect to people, home, travel, and businesses and then implement action plans to strengthen

Those gaps and mitigate risk.

They perform threat and risk assessments to coach their clients on overcoming vulnerabilities in their security.

They will also make recommendations to enhance personal, home, business and travel defense and security with information, products and gear that help offer safety solutions and mitigate risks that are critical to personal security or business continuity and personal agendas.

Defense Coaches can also physically coach people, families and organizations with tactics, techniques and procedures for personal protection, personal and self-defense, kidnap prevention, travel safety, home and vehicle defense.

They provide the incentive and direction their clients need to improve their personal security at home, work or while traveling. And offer supportive and positive strategies for safety.

As a defense coach you can develop your coaching programs and business around the general principles of defense, safety, personal security and protection and you may elect to stay within a specific niche such as travel and hospitality for example.

The choice will be yours; we are there to support your objectives and defense coaching business.

Defense coaches give their clients the foresight to eliminate situations before they arise and the tools to effectively deal with any situation they may be confronted with.

By Definition: A Defense Coach coaches, educates, and trains people, organizations and companies to protect, defend and safeguard life, family, property, business and other valuable assets.

To put the concept of a Defense Coach into conventional thinking…Think of a defense coach as a security coach, travel coach, safety and personal protection coach and tactical defense coach all in one.



The answer is everybody! True empowerment stems from education, preparation and training and this is what Defense Coach University is all about.

  • Consultants
  • Personal Fitness Trainers
  • Strength Coaches
  • Martial Art Instructors
  • Cross Fit Instructors
  • Life Coaches
  • Wellness Coaches
  • Business Coaches
  • Travel agents and consultants
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Security Personnel
  • Families
  • Small Business Owners
  • Corporate Security Personnel
  • Teachers and Educators
  • Emergency Services Personnel
  • Soccer Moms and Dads
people became Defense coach

There is an opportunity to learn, grow and earn for all these people and more within the defense-coaching field.


It’s no secret that we are faced with an ever-escalating societal problem. Uncertainty. As we said earlier, these are uncertain times and we are in a period of continuous “flux”, economically, geo-politically, in relation to business, crime, terrorism and opportunism.




To protect oneself and family. To feel Safe in your home, while you’re out and about, while you are doing business and while you are on vacation. It imparts knowledge and skills that enable and empower you with certainty about your safety and security.
Let’s face it we all could use a little more in our pockets. Defense Coaching is a new, exciting and needed field, which offers this opportunity.
In everything we do is a basic human quality. To attain success in life is a universal goal that knows no boundaries. Success provides the impetus and motivation for most everything that happens in our lives
As people we need and want to give to others. To share and connect with people. To teach, COACH, help and inspire others to achieve and meet their goals.
Personal growth and development is a lifelong pursuit. It is a way for people to assess their skills and set goals so that they can reach their full potential. We fully encourage growth and promote learning so that defense coaches are at the cutting edge in their field.

Every person in every job or business is constantly faced with day-to-day challenges and tasks, some expected, some unexpected. Defense Coaching satisfies these important needs and more.

With everything that is happening in the world and in our environment,

And with the future uncertain, it should come as no surprise that safety and security are and will continue to be priorities for people across the globe.

There has never been a greater time to get involved in the business of defense, safety and security then now. Defense Coaching enables you with the tools and skills to execute your entrepreneurial spirit.

By taking an active role in defense on every level we become the masters of our destiny, and as a defense coach, are better prepared to deal with the expected and unexpected challenges that come our way thus giving you a decisive advantage both in business and in your personal life.



Whether you are a person with no experience at all that wants a change and is looking for a new and exciting career path, or a consultant, personal fitness instructor, life coach, business coach, travel agent, a martial arts or self-defense instructor, small business owner, soccer mom or dad or you are in the hospitality industry, or someone seeking new avenues to help impact people and increase potential income, or anyone that simply wants to be on the cutting edge of defense, by choosing DCU you’re on your way to earning a certification with Defense Coach University.

In choosing DCU you are making the commitment to further your professional education and earning potential.

Whether your goal is to learn, coach, teach, inspire and impact others, enhance your current or future business platform with real world leverage, we want to help you achieve it! Learn the processes that promote leadership, achievement, success and defense by thinking and acting differently.



Through a dynamic live workshop, you will experience the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) blueprint that trains you to dynamically execute and win as a defense coach while learning focused and repeatable principles of defense, safety and protection via our specialized Rapid Defense Coach Training Program.


This compelling workshop is split into two incredibly powerful days.


Drives the safety and security skills and guides you through the principles of security, threat assessment, protection, and the security mindset.


Covers critical defensive information such as anti-kidnapping, home defense, vehicle safety, active shooter defense, surveillance, travel safety and dealing with violence.

Upon completion of the two day live workshop, you will also receive DCU’s suite of mobile app programs designed to take you through a comprehensive study of 360-degree situational awareness, active shooter defense, college and school safety, tactical pen defense and advanced active shooter and terrorism preparedness.

The 2-day live event takes you to your Defense Coaching Certification by preparing you to deal with expected and unexpected challenges while creating powerful goal driven results.

These TTP’s will help you create your plan and the action steps, which must be met to ensure your success as a defense coach.

defense coach app
teaching how to become a defense coach

At the culmination of the 2-Day live event, you will be given a written multiple-choice examination for which you must score 80 or higher to pass. DCU will then contact you via email and let you know of your certification status.

If you passed the examination, DCU will issue you your Defense Coaching certification. If you did not score a passing grade, you will be given the opportunity to re-take the examination via email within 30 days of attending the live workshop.

Upon completing the Defense Coach Certification, you will sign up for Defense Coach University’s online Expand Your Horizons defense coach training.

Here you will find video’s, manuals and articles on the business of defense coaching such as how to quick start your defense coaching business, how to get new clients, scripts to ensure you know what to say and do as well as the forms you need for your clients and how to be a successful defense coach.

In addition, when you sign up for DCU’s Defense Coach Expand Your Horizons you will be a member of the DCU Defense Coach Network.

Our growing library of video, books, manuals and articles teaches you new and exciting defense coaching skills that you can utilize for your clients and add to your defense-coaching calendar from personal security and safety through tactical defense, survival, leadership, team building and sales strategy.

These skills are very unique and include everything from how to stay safe at a restaurant, how to spot a liar, hotel safety, travel safety, core combatives, knife defense, using a tactical pen for defense, black ops escape & evasion tactics and techniques, anti-kidnap and hostage survival, the use of impact weapons in defense, the use of a knife in defense, weapon countermeasures, self-defense, improvised weapons and weapons of chance and serious personal protection skills as well as a host of black ops leadership and business skills to give you a competitive advantage.

DCU believes strongly in leadership and team building and offers an active support model to assist you in not only achieving your goals as a defense coach, but in helping you achieve success in your coaching business.


Get on the Winning Team Now and Make a Difference in the world!

Take the first step today and sign up below for more information about the DCU Defense Coach Certification Training Workshop 

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