Threat Survival System (TSS) App is a fully scalable, customizable, threat solution for citizens, corporations and organizations. TSS cuts through the noise and gives people, corporations and organizations the ability to recognize, avoid, evade and counter risks to their safety and security by leveraging the founder’s, Dr. Jeffrey Cantor decades of experience as global security expert, kidnap & ransom response specialist and high risk environment tactical and security instructor in combination with one of the country’s leading corporate training solutions providers, Rapid Scale Strategies.

The TSS App is the first in a new suite of public and corporate products from Defense Coach University and Cantor Tactical and is designed to help people and organizations navigate an increasingly complicated and constantly evolving threat environment.

Mobile devices are already at our fingertips 24 hours a day. These devices can deliver, reinforce and sustain key safety and awareness best practices for anything from Active Shooter Defense to Terrorism preparedness to everyday awareness skills to college safety.

This tool offers an actionable perspective with which to make critical decisions with confidence in preparation of the unthinkable and a clear picture on what to do and when to do it in a crisis situation.

By leveraging the power of “mobile first technology”, DCU and Cantor Tactical provide a highly focused and comprehensive set of solutions through a fully scalable as well as customizable App that includes preparedness training and realistic challenge simulations to test and improve decision making abilities, all while being professionally coached and guided to enhance the user’s learning experience.

Users and Clients also benefit from direct access to DCU’s professional 360-degree situational awareness, black ops escape & evasion, active shooter and terrorism preparedness, travel security and anti-kidnap live workshops and seminars, enabling people and organizations to garner practical expertise on potentially dangerous threats and implement protective measures at a time when they are needed.

“As people and organizations work towards smarter faster ways to protecting themselves, their assets and business continuity in today’s every changing global security environment, they need a solution that they are familiar with and that is a granular learning model empowering them to take charge of the information flow they need, whenever they want it and wherever they want it.

Our mobile first Threat Survival System allows people more time to gather further intelligence, and affords them an opportunity to examine and analyze that information from more than one perspective, building tangential thinking skills.

“A micro-learning (granular) model such as we have developed means people can break down content into manageable chunks. They can take education when they have breaks, making the time spent more efficient, increasing information retention, and, if necessary, providing accessible tools that are available at a moment’s notice.

The only App of its kind, Threat Survival System encompasses the full spectrum of personal safety and security risks in a single and fully customizable solution.

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